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The Dawn of Mobilegeddon

Today is the day. It is the dawn of the day dubbed “mobilegeddon” by industry insiders to mark the point in time when the need for a mobile-friendly site would be taken seriously by all. Though good user experience should be valued for its own sake, this is the day it impacts the bottom line because the Google algorithm has shifted to reward good mobile usability.

Producing an optimal cross-device digital experience is no longer reserved as a goal only for larger companies. It is now incumbent upon every website owner to prioritize device-agnostic UX.

Though the term “mobilegeddon” portends disaster—and it could be negative for some site owners who are unprepared—it is actually a day to celebrate. On this day, good user experience will claim victory, and that should be cause for celebration by everyone with a mobile phone in close proximity at this very moment (i.e., every U.S. citizen beyond toddlerhood.) Rejoice in the democratization of good mobile user experience!

To see if Googlebot sees your site as mobile friendly, read the previous post Why is Mobile Usability Important? which also provides detailed information on how to make your site mobile optimal.

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