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Hello, Inspiration. Come in.

Today, I am inspired!

Inspiration has struck. And how grateful I am to be smitten by this elusive, mysterious and metamorphic force! It has re-awakened my creative spirit; propelling me forward in that distantly familiar, joyful, semi-floating state that effortlessly generates rewarding productivity.

I've missed you

Before yesterday, I had not written in about two years. Twenty one months, to be exact. If asked the reason why, I could say I lacked sufficient time, a compelling topic, or adequate desire. But, in truth, the only real reason for my abstinence was that inspiration had gone missing.

This visit from inspiration is such an ethereal, glittering gift, that I feel compelled to show my gratitude. To do so, I offer intentional and sustained mindfulness. I begin to consider inspiration; the very nature of it, the source, power and sustainability of it.


The very definition is, literally, breath-taking. "To breathe in; inhale. To fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something." Also to "rouse, incite, energize" suggestive that it is the very force of life. Inspiration is so exalted as to be indicative of divine or supernatural influence.

Please stay

Now that inspiration is with me, I think more and more about how to get it to stay. And if it were to slip away, how to invite it back.

I believe inspiration can occur from within, triggered by a thought, a memory, an idea, a scent, a goal, a longing. But for me, inspiration is most often triggered by an experience. This happens when I expose myself to an external stimulus that resonates with an internal impulse, which then becomes activated, and action ensues to manifest that which lay dormant.

It seems to me that I should put an intentional focus on what I can do to foster inspiration's enchanting presence. I will tend to this fertile soil, intentionally cultivating a life that might lure inspiration more frequently, seeking out and showing up for experiences that will nurture my inspired self. Because an inspired life is the best life—a life that flourishes and creates and contributes to all it touches.

Do you feel inspired today?


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